From Concept to Creation: An Essential Checklist

What do our clients say?

“Merluno asked us all the difficult questions needed to take further steps. They showed us the way to finding our own unique identity."

– Olivier Kegels, Co-founder

“Merluno made us realize what kinds of projects and business lines are actually crucial for the future development of Lemon Companies.” 

– Filip Smet, Founder

Developing your idea or concept into a market-ready and scalable product is often an arduous and timeconsuming task. But it also the embodiment of what makes your concept and organization unique. The importance of this exercise cannot be stressed enough. 

How do you create a value proposition? How do you rally your organization around it, and how do you market it? 

We invite you to explore all these themes into our whitepaper 'From Concept to Creation'.  In our Merluno Marketing Framework you'll discover five preparatory steps and ten developmental exercises. 

Enjoy the ride!


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